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We Work to Prepare for What Cannot be Predicted.

We are Polus

A technology-driven firm in the realms of private networks and emergency management. We develop and sell products to a large range of clients looking to improve the telecommunication and safety of their communities.
With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland POLUS delivers a portfolio of versatile, advanced, and intuitive products as well as an exceptional level of customer service.

At Polus, we work to prepare for what cannot be predicted

In everything we do, we are committed to building the technologies that make a positive impact on community. Our team has a unique understanding of the challenges we face today, and a respect for the unknown threats we will face in the future. We know we can’t predict the future, but we will always strive to prepare ourselves - and our customers - for what may come.

Corona Virus Outbreak

The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to cause great uncertainty among businesses and communities, and it will remain a part of our lives for a long time.

It presents new health safety challenge that is disruptive to everyday life, long term plans and business continuity.

Polus team is working diligently on developing next level solutions to help businesses and communities tackle this crisis.

Our Markets


Safe city


Search and Rescue


first responders

police car on the street close up

Law Enforcement



POLUS technology is robust, scalable, and versatile. We work with our customers to create the right platform they need to keep their people safe.


We are flexible and we move fast to respond to Customers needs or current events. With less bureaucracy, tighter communications, and closer customer relationships, we can respond in a more timely manner and effectively.


We don’t take our customers for granted. Our clients are extremely valuable to us and we strive to deliver a level of customer service beyond the standard.

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