About Polus

Operating out of Zug, Switzerland, Polus is an innovation-driven company that equips communities with assets to keep themselves out of harm’s way. 

Thanks to a seamless blend of cutting-edge tech and top talent, everything that comes out of our R&D workshop takes us a step closer to our ultimate goal: revolutionize the way communities prepare for and act during natural and man-made disasters.

After we took the industry by storm in 2016, we quickly proved ourselves as the number one option on the market in terms of the quality-price ration, but that’s not where we’re willing to stop—Polus is planning to grow into a leading provider of safety solutions, a challenging goal made possible by our highly talented engineers and ambitious leadership.

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Meet the Seasoned Team That Leads Polus

Led by the industry’s best and brightest people, our management understands the ins and outs of the safety market, giving Polus the necessary edge to anticipate change and create safer, more secure environments for our clients.

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The Three Main Pillars of Polus


Leading products can't come to life without an up-to-date knowledge base and talent. Our team has plenty of both—from hardware and electronics design to embedded systems and signal processing, we have the skill and the know-how to develop world-class products.


Adding fresh functionalities and implementing new data into our products is a key part of how we do business. Our private networks support the evolution from 4G to 5G, plus our regular scans for network vulnerabilities ensure you’ll never be caught off guard.


Between our strong command over all standard dev stacks (Python, C, C++, Java) and an emphasis on powerful yet simple to use UI/UX designs, we have the necessary flexibility to deliver custom-built applications, platforms, and products that fit your use case to a T.