Help Us Understand Natural Disasters—So We Can Fight Against Them

The Polus Academy: A Global Fight Against Disaster

Every day, somewhere around the world, a natural disaster strikes. From fires and earthquakes to hurricanes and floods, these events test the strength of our communities and our ability to survive.

At Polus, we’re committed to helping communities stay connected during times of crisis so they can distribute help and resources efficiently and effectively. Our ad hoc mobile network technology lets first responders stay connected as they work to keep communities safe, even when commercial cell networks are down.

We believe the future of fighting natural disasters must be a global effort, leveraging first-hand experience and learnings from around the world. We aim to build the world’s largest database on disaster management in the world. That’s why we created the Polus Academy.

Now Accepting Applications

We invite graduate students from anywhere around the world to submit their proposal for an academic research project related to natural disasters for funding consideration.

Application Deadline: December 15, 2021. Finalists will be notified in early February, 2022.

To apply, please submit the below to polusacademy@polustech.com:

Research Topic: Include the date(s) and location(s) of the natural disaster(s) you intend to study. (250 words max)

Research Approach and Questions: What
3-5 key questions will this research aim to address? (750 words max)

Expected Outcomes: What findings are likely to result from your research? What are
potential implications of your work? (500 words max)

CV: Include education and work experience.

Personal Statement: Why is this topic so
important to you? (500 words max)

Sample topics:
We welcome all proposals—here are a few thought-starters:

• Analysis of first responder decision-making processes and execution during a natural disaster
• Comparison of risk levels and
community impact for disparate
natural disasters
• The impact of cellular network outages on the ultimate damage of a natural disasters