Code of Ethics

The Polus Management Team and Board of Directors are committed to the highest standards of ethical innovation in how we design, develop and deploy our products and services. Our Company has a zero-tolerance policy for unethical or corrupt practices by our management, employees, business partners, and consultants. The designated Compliance officer of the Company is totally independent and reports only and directly to the CEO and the Board of Directors.

As a global player in our industry, Polus complies with all applicable international and national laws applying to our marketing and sales activity with each of our customers. When multiple laws apply, Polus adheres to the laws that set the highest standard.

Polus, through its Compliance Officer and outside Legal Counsel, continuously monitors export regulations and Compliance standards for our industry to assure our Ethics Policy remains current and timely.

As an integral part of our business processes, we require all of our business partners and consultants to commit to meeting our same high standards of business ethics. When appropriate, we perform a detailed due diligence process to assure the entities and persons with whom we engage have a solid record of ethical compliance.

As a Swiss company, Polus steadfastly complies with all applicable international and United Nation embargo and sanctioned party lists assuring that we do not engage in business with persons, entities, or countries prohibited under United Nations or Swiss laws and regulations.

Polus is committed to the legitimate use of its technologies and products. As such, Polus requires that its customers refrain from any misuse of its Products and restricts the use to legitimate and legal governmental purposes only and strictly in accordance with any conditions of the applicable Swiss authorities.