Connecting the Unconnected

Bringing Internet access to where it's needed the most

High-speed mobile Internet is fundamentally changing the way we lead our everyday lives. Yet, while we often take connectivity for granted, more than 4.4 billion people across the globe are not enjoying the benefits of this digital boom. 

Residing in rural areas or within developing countries, these people are usually overlooked because servicing them is not economically profitable or technically feasible. 

Polus is on a mission to correct this lack of inclusion through high-end technology.

Polus Network for Communities Off the Grid

Wanting to make cellular and internet access available to everyone, we designed and developed a state-of-the-art network that provides stable cellular and internet access even in the most inaccessible of areas. 

Relying on highly advanced hardware and software solutions, our independent networks turn remote communities into full-fledged members of the digital world.

To be as accessible as possible, our network units are easy to set up and get running, and both operating and maintaining them is highly streamlined and straightforward. Additionally, our networks are very cost-effective despite offering the best service on the market. 

Polus believes in bettering and supporting the communities, and because of that has developed a solution that provides stable cellular and internet access for rural areas.