Disaster Management

The effects of global warming and rapid urbanization have made events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and tornadoes more frequent and deadlier than ever before. Yet, our ways of saving lives during these disaster scenarios did not keep up with the times. 

The shortage of innovation is further magnified by a lack of funding. The international community spends less than half a percentage of the global aid budget on mitigating the risks posed by natural hazards. Meanwhile, five times as much is spent on disaster response operations.

In order to meet current-day challenges, rescuers need to be equipped with the latest tools that enhance their performance while on the field. That’s where Polus comes in.

Our Solution

Polus developed of hardware and software combined in a mobile unit that can fit to different real-life scenarios when connectivity is not only needed but necessary.

Our stand alone solution can create ad –hoc stable mobile networks to be used in various situations based on user needs.

Our Technology

Fully Automated System

Easily configurable setup with helpful software guiding wizard.

Two-Way Voice and Video Communication

Enables communication over 4G going into 5G.

Flexible Network Deployment

Fully independent network solution that can be either private or public depending on needs.

Small Form Factor

Our product is fully mobile, lightweight and easily transportable. So light and small it can fit in a backpack!

Unique First Responder Functionalities

Detecting number of victims, their locations and enabling communication in an instant.

Communication During Crisis

Enables to exchange of emergency messages to alert and support communities and first responders during disasters.

Polus believes that during natural disaster First Responders should be equipped with the right tool to ensure people in crisis are SAFE and FEEL safe.