Secure Business Continuity in Times of COVID-19

Business Continuity Challenge

The COVID-19 Pandemic poses great uncertainty among businesses and puts at risk their continuity on a global level. The end of the quarantine will not immediately end the COVID-19 spread, and it will remain a part of our lives for a long time.

It presents new health safety challenges to business continuity as businesses tackle the unknown health statuses of the visitors coming in, employees traveling for business to possible infected zones, and the possibility of the supply chain being interrupted due to the infection.

Keeping employees safe and healthy is Companies’ No 1 Priority, and Polus offers the right tool for that. We evaluate the risk for every business trip and the consequences it may have, which give the companies time to react and to prevent further spread of the disease among its team.

ERA Platform

The Difference Between Defense and Offense Starts with Data.

Polus Tech has developed ERA, a data-driven platform that identifies and highlights health safety risks or threats on Your Business. ERA is a SaaS-based big data platform providing real-time alerts and reports on new active cases in the vicinity of your business, your employees, and your vendors to help protect health safety and business continuity.

Covid-19 is Now Part of our Lives! Health and Safety in Your Company is Important, to Secure Business Continuity.