Secure Business Continuity in Times of COVID-19

Business Continuity Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic poses great uncertainty for businesses and their operations around the world. COVID-19 is a new reality businesses will need to contend with for years to come.

From remote work and employee travel policies to disrupted supply chains, business continuity is a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Keeping employees safe is every company’s top priority, and Polus is here to help. Our ERA platform evaluates the risks and threats to your business, so you can make the best decisions for your team.

Polus ERA Platform

The Difference Between Defense and Offense Starts with Data

Polus has developed ERA, a data-driven, SaaS-based platform that identifies and highlights health safety risks and threats to your business so you can take action. 

We analyze the potential consequences of every business trip and provide real-time alerts and reports on new active cases near your business locations, vendors, suppliers and employees to help you protect the safety and continuity of your business operations.

COVID-19 is a new business reality. The first step to securing business continuity is having the right data at your fingertips.