Control the Spread of COVID-19 Through Smart Use of Big Data

Pandemics such as the COVID-19 impacts humanity in terms of economic, political and social disruptions in addition to mortality. What makes the COVID-19 more fatal is the spread.

Lorenz Platform - Boundless Insights

Lorenz is a fusion platform that consolidates multiple data resources and provides an all-encompassing tool to the health and law authorities in fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

By Tracing, Alerting, and Reporting, it offers the user a complete overview of contaminated international locations and infected individuals.

Take Control in a Fully Automated Manner

Take Control in a Fully Automated Manner

Lorenz filters its data by fusing it with data sources from various global and local sources.

Quick and Easy Setup

With Lorenz integrating with your existing infrastructure through API, there is very little setup required.

Accurate Alerts and Notifications

Allowing data service provider to send accurate location-based alerts and notifications.

Real Time Data Processing

Lorenz provides valuable real-time insight that is updated every hour of every day.

Covid-19 is Now Part of our Lives

Safety of the Country Against COVID-19 starts with protecting citizen through tracking infected and preventing further spread.