Our Company

Polus Tech designs and offers worldwide cutting-edge cellular-based solutions to the Public Safety and Homeland Security markets as well as the private sectors. Polus consists of an innovative entrepreneurial team of experts with years of experience in cellular network systems, product definition and development of tactical and network-based solutions. Notwithstanding our advanced technological world, we remain at risk of natural and human-made disasters.

In a world beset by natural disasters, a surge in violent crime, and ideologically driven terror and violence against innocent civilians and critical public infrastructure, our Mission is to be the world leader in providing effective telecom-based products and solutions to those tasked with providing maximum safety and security to us all. We design technology driven by our mission to save victims and prevent events caused by natural disasters or man-made calamities. Polus is dedicated to enhancing the security of our communities and families in partnership with the authorities responsible for our safety.

We believe that public safety should be one of primary concerns
of every society

Our Markets

Polustech Ultimate Public Safety Private Networks

Private networks

In-house 4G/5G Provisioning for Enterprises

Polustech Ultimate Public Safety First Responders


Identify Victims & Build a Rescue Plan



Improve Urban Security & Public Safety

Core Values

Our values are what defines us and sets us apart from the rest. We live, breathe and take pride in our values, because that is how we make the world a better place!


Create sustainable products for generations to come.


Obtain the best possible outcome in our undertakings.


Be honest and fair and adhere to our moral principles.


Constantly look for opportunities and inspiration.


Be innovative and generate new ideas with passion.


Be competent and knowledgeable and always put the needs of our clients first.


Take initiative and defend our opinion.

Our Vision

“Polus is dedicated to enhancing the safety of our communities by delivering
advanced telecom-based solutions to the public safety authorities
and governments across the globe.”

Polus Prism Vision

The unique Polus Prism vision, to achieve concurrently “operational & technical flexibility”, inspires us to optimize our solutions to address our client’s 
real-life challenges.

Polustech Ultimate Public Safety Mission

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