How Polus Came to Be

My name is Niv Karmi. I am the CEO and founder of Polus Tech, a company on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations and authorities manage the safety of our global community.

We started our journey in 2016. After completing my relocation to Switzerland, we opened our first office and headquarters. 

I choose Switzerland as Polus home because I believe that the discipline, precision, and engineering excellence of the Swiss watchmaking industry is what’s required to develop the kind of products Polus wishes to build—ones that can perform even in the most challenging of environments and help save lives when people are at risk. The communities in Switzerland made me feel at home with my decision, as I grew up in a small mountain village, within a small country.

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience in Telco-Tech and Big Data, we focus on developing advanced products that enable connectivity during disasters. By ensuring there’s a way to communicate at all times, our products improve decision-making and crisis management, making them ideal for health organizations, first responders, and rescuers.

What comes next? Now that we have the right product, we focus our efforts on building out the infrastructure to smartly manufacture our product at scale, leveraging Swiss experience in manufacturing expertise without sacrificing precision.  

We have also established the Polus Academy, a platform that encourages academic research into  the technologies needed to fulfill our mission of global safety. The Polus Academy will help us advance crisis management research and identify the best life-saving practices during man-made and natural disasters.

I hope this short overview of our company brings you closer to Polus and our mission, giving you a strong understanding of who we are and where we’re headed.

Thank you,
Niv Karmi