Join a team fueled by big ideas, cutting-edge tech,
and top talent


Working At Polus

A team of out-of-the-box thinkers and world-class engineers, we take pride in how we’re (re)shaping the safety market. Here’s the deal—if you enjoy a structured, static corporate environment full of policies and you prefer staying within your comfort zone, we won’t be a good fit.

However, if you love tackling novel challenges each and every day, if you put the multi into multitasking, if you inspire through example and are self-driven enough to push the boundaries of what is possible…

We are brave.
We are creative.
We challenge the status quo.
We are making a more connected tomorrow, today.
We are Polus. 

A sneak peek into our selection process

Here’s our tried-and-tested process for identifying and hiring top talent:


We take a look at your application to assess the fit from an expertise standpoint.


You receive a report on the application and we schedule an interview with our HR department.

HR Interview

You talk to one of our HR specialists to see how you'd mesh with our culture.

Hiring Manager Interview

You meet the manager of the team you'll potentially join and learn about our workflows.


At this point, we're very interested in having you, but we need to see you in action.


Once you ace everything above, we send an official offer and welcome you aboard.

Didn’t find your dream job?

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You can also leave us your CV and we’ll keep you in mind once a fitting role opens up!